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High Speed Top and Bottom Feeding Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine
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roduct Name: Direct-Drive Computer Thick-material Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Brand: XinLing

Driving Form: Electricity

Shape and Size(length*width*height) : 560*235*560(mm)

Whole Weight: 45(kg)

Technology Parameters

        1 . rotation rate : 2500 rotations per minute

        2 . machine needle : DP*17   DP*5

        3 . maximum needle gage : 8mm

        4 . presser foot lift :13mm


Usage: The machine is used for leather goods ,leatheroid, spinning and weaving , plush , ribbon weaving  and so on .

Functions: The feeding device controlled by servo motor realizes accurate sewing , the perfect design of needle bar and thread device makes fabrics pretty on stitch so that high-quality finished product is available . The functions of direct-drive automatic cutting , automatic sewing behind and needle-stop in hilo help to reduce operating procedures of cutting thread and pulling gear manually . Compared to normal lockstitch sewing machine , it has an advantage of saving a worker per ten machines so that 60 percent amount of thread and electricity get reduced , and further more, the worker’s  efficiency get improved more than 40 percent . As a result , the investment cost can get covered from saved worker expense if the machine comes into use for one year .

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