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Oil barrier type,Cylinder bed,Interlock Stitch Sewing Machine
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Product Name: Small Square-Head Type Direct-Driving High-Speed Flat Seaming Machine

Brand: XinLing

Driving Form: Electricity

Shape and Size(length*width*height) : 680*420*630(mm)

Whole Weight: 50(kg)

Technology Parameters:

        1 . number of needles : 3

        2 . number of threads : 5

        3 . rotation rate:5000 rotations per minute

        4 . maximum needle gage : 1.5-4.5(mm)

        5 . presser foot lift : 5(mm)

        6 . width of stitch  :5.6-6.4(mm) 


Usage:The machine is suitable for knitting underclothes , training wear ,T-shirts and so on . The machine is equipped with forced oil drainage differential adjustment and HR devices , making materials clean and stitch beautiful .


         1 . The equipped direct-driving motor has sensitive response and accurate positioning .

         2 . The excellent feeding mechanism can prevent jitter in high speed in the state of low tension , greatly improving productivity .

         3 .  Beautiful and generous , easy to operate .

         4 .  The greatest power balance design has features of low vibration and low noise .

         5 . The machine is suitable for making all kind of decorations , which can sew up decorations on both sides by a large area of cloth .

         6 . The machine is suitable for thin , moderate and thick clothing .

         7 . The curved needle mechanism adopts the inclined and curved shape device with excellent endurance performance. 

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