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Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker
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Product Name:ElectronicBartack Sewing Machine

Brand: XinLing

Driving Form: Electricity

Shape and Size(length*width*height) : 830*395*755(mm)

Whole Weight: 58.5(kg)

Technology Parameters

        1 . rotation rate : 3200 rotations per minute

        2 . machine needle : DP*5

        3 . sewing range:40*30(mm)

        4 . needle gage : 0.05-12.7mm

        4 . maximum presser foot lift : 17mm

Delivering-cloth Driving Mode: Y-0 intermittent feed(impulse motor drive)



            1 .The machine is mainly used for mid-thick and thick materials

            2 . The machine is mainly used for all kinds of men’s and women’s clothing , jeans cloth . fabric goods , women’ s underclothes and bags etc .


             1 . The machine adopts direct-drive servo motor with low noise , vibration and more stable rotation rate , which can reduce mechanical breakdown and the loss rate of components .

             2 . The speed can be controlled by operating controlling-panel  to carry out simple input .

             3 .  There are 89 kinds of pattern in memory  for choice , in addition , discretional sewing patterns are able to be added through CF card 

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