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Feed off the arm Chainstitch Sewing Machine
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Product Name: High-Speed Wrist Bending Machine

Brand: XinLing

Driving Form: Electricity

Shape and Size(length*width*height) : 580*535*475(mm)

Whole Weight: 40(kg)

Technology Parameters

        1 . number of needles : 2

        2 . number of threads : 4

        3 . rotation rate:4000 rotations per minute

        4 . maximum needle gage : 6(mm)

        5 . presser foot lift : 8(mm)

        6 . length of stitch  :3.54(mm)


Usage: The machine is used for making men’ and women’ clothing , skirts , work clothes , slacks , raincoats and so on .


        1 . The special cantilevered cylinder-type structure is especially suitable for cylinder-type lap joint sewing likes sleeves and trousers , also suitable for thin and mid-thick materials .

        2 . It makes needle thread and bottom thread low-tension after thorough improvement of the chain stitch mode absolutely . Through adjusting needle mechanism and  improving the curved needle and other positioning parts greatly , beautiful stitch is acquired instead of drape .  

        3 . External tug has many advantages of pulling material smoothly, neat stitch, flexible usability .

Grade:XL-927 (thin) , XL-928 (thick)  and gauge set group of this machine including 1/4, 1/8, 3/16, 7/32 .



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